Photos by Heather Craig


Schedule & Details

Friday, July 26th

11am - 3pm
Hiking to a Secret Swimming Hole and Make Art and Flags for the Budding!

Meet at Rustic Ridge View Farm at 11am and plan/caravan from there.

Rest & Refresh

6pm - 9:30pm
Drinks & Dinner at the Westwind Orchard — plus a mix of storytelling, music, and poetry specially curated for the Budding.

The Westwind Orchard
215 Lower Whitfield Rd
Accord, NY 12404

Saturday, July 27th

Saturday is the main event at the Rustic Ridge View Farm.

15 Old Queens Highway
Kerhonkson, NY 12446

4pm - 11pm
Ceremony, drinks, games, dinner, Irish and Arabic dancing (with lessons!), DJ Dance Party, and more.

Late-Night Session (campfire, jam session, snacks) at Rustic Ridge

Sunday, July 28th

10am - Noon-ish
Sleep in a bit, and join us back at the Rustic Ridge View farm for a Bagel Brunch and Lebanese Picnic. There may be casual daytime activities for lingering friends and family.

15 Old Queens Highway
Kerhonkson, NY 12446


What’s a "budding"?

Let’s get this one out of the way…

After a decade in relationship (!), we knew that it was high time to bring our families and friends together for celebration and ceremony — but we also knew that a traditional wedding wasn’t quite right for us.

When we told people that we weren’t having a traditional wedding, inevitably we’d get asked “but what are you having?” It was clear that we needed to call this event something — something short and sweet and symbolic.

For years now, we’ve affectionately called one another other “bud.” So, “Budding” seemed like the right fit. It’s the natural extension of our mutual nickname, and reflects this moment in our relationship, which we see as a “budding” romance about to flower into its next phase — which we hope will be a budding family. While many of the core elements of this event will be familiar (friends and family, music and merrymaking) we did not have a “wedding” — we had a “budding.”


WAS this a commitment ceremony?

The short answer is: not really. About five years ago, we made a commitment to one another -- a commitment to building our lives together, to have children together, go through life’s most beautiful and painful moments together. Though we didn’t make this commitment in front of an officiant or our friends and family, we did not make it lightly. The ceremonial aspect of our budding is more of a rite of passage that honors the work we have done to create a strong partnership and prepares us for this next phase of our lives. We want to bring our communities together in celebration of love, the lineages we come from, and all of you who have made us who we are -- and who will shape us into the people we will become.

CAN WE GET YOU a budding gift?

We feel incredibly blessed in our lives, and budding gifts are not expected. If you feel compelled to get something for us, please make a donation to any of the following organizations individually — or use our custom fundraising page to make a single gift that will be split across each organization.



Below is a list of organizations we are excited to support. All of these organizations are doing important work in the world -- on climate change, criminal justice, immigrant rights, human rights, local issues in the Hudson Valley, and more. In keeping with the "Budding" theme, many of these organizations are relatively new and/or under-resourced -- which means your gift will really help them bloom.


Photos of The Buds